1. If I send my resume to Precision Career Connex, will it be sent to your clients?

Once you send your resume either through our website or directly to a Precision Career Connex Consultant, it remains in our database until which point we have contacted you regarding a specific position that you would like us to present you for with one of our clients.  Your information will never be shared without your permission.  Sending your resume to Precision Career Connex   is a great idea because we will have your information on file and will be able to contact you on some very exciting opportunities within your field.

Precision Career Connex does not take any fee from any candidate that we work with or place with any of our clients.  We are paid a fee by our clients for finding them the ideal candidates for specific positions they are having challenges filling.  Unlike various outplacement companies Precision Career Connex is a recruitment firm that earns its fee solely from its clients companies.

Precision Career Connex is often faced with new and exciting positions within the various departments of our clients.  As a result, if you do not see a position you are currently qualified for or interested in, you should still definitely send your resume so that one of our consultants can contact you when something suitable for your background and interests arise.  Be sure to include your industry of interest as well as your current and desired compensation. .

The easiest way to get an interview with a company you are interested in working for would be to first of all contact the consultants with Precision Career Connex to decipher if we have any contacts within these companies of interest.  Often when you apply directly to a company, the organization receives so many resumes it is often difficult to ensure you will get an interview with the right hiring manager in a short period of time.  It is often easier to leverage your Precision Career Connex Consultant’s contacts so they can introduce you to either somebody with one of their clients or an industry friend that they feel can help you.  After all good people know good people.

Precision Career Connex prides itself on building relationships with candidates.  It is our mission to ensure that candidates have all of the information we know about our clients, who you are meeting, how our clients compare to their competitors in the market, and give you all of the details required throughout the interview process so that you can make the best impression of yourself and communicate why you are the right fit for a job.  Every recruitment agency operates differently with different processes and business ethics.  Our goal is for you to feel like you are person and develop a relationship with us throughout the course of your career.  Although we cannot promise that you will always get a job with our clients, we can give you the information required for you to make the best impression with every position and every client you ever interview with through Precision Career Connex. 

Fortunately Precision Career Connex has developed numerous relationships with hiring managers and our HR partners with multiple companies within multiple industries.  Our client base is ever growing and should you have interest in learning more, please contact one of our consultants.

Precision Career Connex prides itself on assisting candidates to understand their potential career paths within their current industry or what they may be qualified for outside of their current position, company and industry.  Our objective is always to empower our candidates with enough information about how their current role and compensation may relate to another industry or what they should be considering regarding new industry trends, top company cultures and areas of growth.  In short, our advice is always free. 

Although Precision Career Connex is not a resume writing service, there are various examples of templates that are provided in the Resource Centre for Candidates.  In addition, if you would ever like one of our consultants opinion on your resume we are always willing to chat.

If you are looking to come to Canada or the United States or are new to the country, we can definitely do our best to help you.  If we do not have a position that you are currently suited for, there is a very good chance that we may know somebody that can help.  We welcome your call and would love to hear from you.

Please take a look at our Contact Us section we would love to hear from you.